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A new investor

We are pleased to announce that Arcline Investment Management (US private equity fund) has undertaken to acquire CoreDux group. Silverfleet’s investment...

CoreDux® Next Project

The Coredux Group has made its name in France with the CoreDux® Next Project. As part of this project, CoreDux...
the Perseverance Rover

Life on Mars?

See for yourself the mind-blowing images from the Perseverance Rover Who else was sitting on the edge of their seat...

Aerospace Day 2021

Special Event for the Aerospace market At CoreDux France we have started the new year how we mean to go on: working towards a promising future. That’s why we organized our special (and of course covid safe) Aerospace Day, which took place on 18 January 2021. This event was co-organized with the Daher Group within the cluster Altytud. Daher, the well-known French Group, is an...

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