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Welcome to the Engineer Hub—a no-nonsense zone for our primary audience: engineers. Forget the newsletters; here, you’re talking directly to a CoreDux engineer. Got a technical question? Fire away!

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

But wait, there’s more. Behind the scenes, we’ve set up the Engineer Hub with tools to supercharge your calculations (yes, the good stuff). Download the specifications sheets you need and get access to the real technical stuff!

No frills, just practical tools and direct lines to CoreDux expertise. The Engineer Hub is the place where calculations meet collaborations and engineers get the edge. Because let’s face it: you deserve a hub that’s as sharp as your mind. 😉

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(new) Energy, Aerospace, Semicon

Bridging your gas and liquid system layout design brought to practice

Making a one-of-a-kind connection to help change the future of modern technology forever. At CoreDux, we love cutting-edge new technology.


(new) Energy, Aerospace, Semicon

The devil is in the details

The semiconductor industry is directed by Moore’s Law. Since 1965 it has become synonymous with increasing the density of chip components.


Design guidelines and installation instructions

We are not just proud manufacturers of metal and plastic hoses, we are your lifeline. Passionately pumping life into the artery systems that keep your machines alive.