About CoreDux

We are daring pathfinders with a passion. Always on the quest to achieve the impossible

What gets our hearts racing? Offering a flexible custom-made service to push boundaries and develop next-generation equipment. We do this by continually advancing the science behind our products and creating never seen before artery systems that bring machinery to life.

What makes us unique? We offer it all! We are an Original Design Manufacturer (manufacturing our own CoreDux hoses with customer specific adapters) and a B2P System Integrator (building ingenious systems). This is how we can fulfil all your needs.

We are daring pathfinders. Ready to rise to any challenge and reinvent ourselves. Pulsating with know-how and ambition. We are the vital component you can’t live without.

What exactly do we do?

We create the arteries that bring your machinery to life

The vital component you can’t live without.

We have two sides to our company. Firstly, with over 100 years’ experience, we are a proud manufacturer of producing our very own bespoke and homemade components (high-end metal hoses with customer-specific adapters) to work with standards or engineer-to-order. Think co-creation, product development and our own technology roadmap.

Secondly, we have the ability to ingeniously build applications and systems to specification – so-called build-to-print (B2P). We can intricately integrate these systems to a standard or customize them to our clients’ exact needs. Think black box design, white box design and feasibility checks. We even have the ability to build prototypes and support pilot series productions. Whatever you need, we have the knowledge, capabilities and facilities to get the job done. All in-house to guarantee optimal quality and efficiency. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. No third parties involved. We do it all!

Our mission and vision

Our mission

We revolutionize and enhance the quality of lives by supporting high demanding OEM’s who are making a difference with their machinery worldwide. We do this by uniquely enabling them to advance their standards with our proven artery solutions. Facing several complex challenges all at once, such as combining purity, high-vacuum, flexibility, high-pressure, endurance, temperature control, vibrations is what makes us thrive.

Our values


Our vision

As an all-in-one design manufacturer with our strategy to leverage our engineering capabilities on our IP portfolio to develop new products that will result in longer-term expansion in our served markets. Also servicing our customers as a system integrator, we can utilize our inhouse capabilities.

With 100 years of know-how we are continuously breaking new ground and moving into new development trajectories. By securing ‘cradle’ to ‘plug and play’ gas and liquid artery solutions within the ‘fit and forget’ philosophy for mission-critical applications, we unburden our global high demanding OEM’s who are changing the future of tomorrow. In addition to our quality first approach, we have a great sense of accountability and pride ourselves on being a reliable and innovative partner.

CoreDux organisation

Our well-established organization is located in the Netherlands and France with around 250 employees in total. Jan Hennipman leads the way as CEO with a strong and enterprising management team as support.

CoreDux is an Original Design Manufacturer specializing in the design and production of metal hoses and the manufacturing of crucial artery systems for the transportation of gas and liquids. R&D, engineering, technical, production, sales and validation departments, laboratories and cleaning rooms are available at both locations. Making us the only company that can fulfil all your needs in one go with no need for third parties!

Our plant in France is the cornerstone of the company, as this is where it all begins – the design and manufacturing of the base flex hose components – which is the starting point to all our solutions. Located in northern France, this company has a history dating almost 100 years.

In the Netherlands, we have our outstanding CoreDux Center of Excellence where all hose assemblies are welded together. It also holds our in-house state-of-the-art laboratories and clean rooms which are of the highest standards. Our Dutch office is located in Tilburg.

As of June 2020, our new Sales and Engineering ‘hub’ in Germany does enable CoreDux to approach and support our customers in the DACH high-end markets, performing NPI’s within our domain of Gas and Liquid Transport systems.

Our rich history

With a rich history dating back to 1906, we are the go-to people for your advanced engineering and manufacturing needs. Our world-class experts based in the Netherlands and France have a wealth of experience and knowledge to solve any complex challenge regarding the transportation of gas and liquids.

CoreDux is proud member of the Brainport Industries Network.
We work with engineering clients all over the world to tailor-make resilient and trustworthy solutions in various industries including High-tech, Semicon, Aeronautics, Space, Healthcare, Food and Energy.

How do we do this? We advise, help to design, engineer, build, clean and validate metal hoses and artery systems to bring your machinery to life. We offer our clients the whole value chain from beginning to end, which not only guarantees quality but makes life easier. If you are looking for a flexible manufacturing company who can build-to-specification, then you have come to the right place. White box design (Design to Spec), black box design, agile manufacturing –  nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility to us.

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CoreDux Way of Working

Code of Conduct

Our business is the design and production of crucial artery systems that bring machinery to life.

Our strength is our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve, as well as our ability to service our customers from start to finish. As an Original Design Manufacturer as well as a System Integrator we can fulfil all of our customers’ needs in house: advising, design engineering, manufacturing, cleaning and validating.

Our drive is to always finding the right future-proof solution for our clients all over the world. Offering a flexible custom-made service to push boundaries and develop next-generation equipment. We do this by continually advancing the science behind our products and creating never seen before artery systems that bring machinery to life.

This allows us to provide the vital connections our customers can’t live without. And we can be trusted to do that in line with the following core values. They represent our way of working, to which we make no concessions. Ever.

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