Ultra High Purity systems

Contains ultra high purity piping

The key to ultra high purity piping systems


You need a long lifetime cycle on your product? We will deliver it. You need advanced testing? We will make it happen. You need specific validation and certification? We will work to any requirements you desire. With over 100 years of experience, our expert engineers will design and manufacture an ultra-high purity component or system to your exact needs. This is what makes us tick. Pushing the limits to break new ground and building a strong partnership to reach that mutual goal. The key to our success if following a solid project methodology and genuinely listening to what our customers really need.

We mostly use our UHP hose because of the stainless steel convoluted outer hose making ultra-high purity possible on the in and outside. The inside allows the medium to be clean and safely transported and the convoluted stainless steel on the outside ensures flexibility, protection and no permeation. This is very popular in the Semicon industry, because it is extremely effective and Ultra clean. Whatever your challenge, we will engineer a hose to your specific requirements. Always taking into account frequencies, pulsations and movements. We love creating the arteries that bring your machinery to life.

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Why ultra high purity?

Some systems just need to be very clean and are used in applications outside the machine. This type of high purity piping system is seen to be slightly less critical to an ultra-high purity system, so it therefore needs less validation. A higher level of cleanliness needs a purity hose or system. This is often used inside a machine and closer to the source. In most cases this is a combination between ultra-high purity and ultra-high vacuum. These parts need to be ultra clean. No dirt, no grease, no oil, no stains, no particles, no molecules – absolutely nothing. These high purity systems can transport gases safely and efficiently. You can think of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen or helium.

The use of ultra high purity systems

Ultra-high purity systems could be used as transport lines in Semicon. Whatever the case may be, at CoreDux we are able to design, build and engineer ultra-high purity stainless steel tubing that will guarantee your machine works 100% of the time. These first-rate high purity systems are always stringently tested and validated in-house at CoreDux to make sure they get the job done.