Julien Fauquenoy


When welcoming new employees to the company, it is always interesting to get to know and understand their thoughts and believes. Julien Fauguenoy has been appointed Managing Director for CoreDux France recently. Nevertheless, we are an international organization and he will be internationally active to implement his vision. We understand that a new Managing Director within CoreDux is exciting for you too. Perhaps you already know Julien from previous work experiences! Do not hesitate to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Additionally, excitement brings curiosity. Therefore, we have interviewed Julien to get to know him a little better and provide you with his transparent thoughts, strong vision and how he is planning to strengthen the customer intimate position of CoreDux worldwide.



What will you bring to CoreDux where our customers will benefit from (directly)?

“CoreDux is already well recognized by its clients and seen as an expert in its domain. Some of them have been working for numerous years with the company without giving in to the attractiveness of low-cost countries. This recognition is an asset that needs to be used for developing more business with them and new ones with our future clients. CoreDux intimacy with its clients has to be reinforced. The services the company is able to offer have to be better communicated to the market for it to realize that CoreDux is not only an excellent hose manufacturer but also an engineering able to conceive complete designed artery solutions with significative added value.”


Where will you position CoreDux in the future towards existing and new customers?

“Trust, robustness, planning delivery, competitivity and quality are the keys to get the clients satisfied and attracted by CoreDux. The world is at a turning point in its history and the energies used today will no longer remain in the same proportion tomorrow. The critical gas and fluid transportation constraints are evolving very much and the actual sanitary and environmental crisis will accelerate it. CoreDux has to adapt and propose the adequate solutions to its market. By the development of its R&D center and its laboratory, the company will be reinforced as a strong partner for its clients. Through our internal training program for our welders and operators, CoreDux aims for excellence. Our quality, procurement and sales administration services are also the essential ingredient to position CoreDux as a strategical key and preferred supplier for its existing and new customers.”


What will our customer notice about you being on board?

“CoreDux was part of BOA group in the recent past as a subsidiary among others. Things changed a year ago with the arrival of a new owner, SilverFleet, bringing a complete change of paradigm and philosophy. Now on, CoreDux is no longer part of a multinational billionaire group but an independent SME of 220 people in charge of its own destiny. My arrival completely corresponds to this new philosophy. I’m an entrepreneur for who people and customers are the heart of any projects. For who, responsiveness, anticipation and dynamism are keys to success. Customers will feel that we want to be closer, by their side to understand their challenges and bring them even more added value than before.”


Something you want to share with the customers?

“I look forward to visiting them and knowing them better in the upcoming months to reinforce our partnership, to overcome the global crisis we are going through and respond to the challenges that are ours.”




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