A gamechanger for CoreDux

As a fast-growing and ambitious company, we at CoreDux know better than anyone how vital it is to always stay ahead of the game. We do this by designing customized metal hoses and artery systems for the transportation of gas and fluid for mission-critical machines and applications around the world. Of course, we also do this in the way we work internally.

That’s why we teamed up with SAP expert Quinso to improve our internal production processes. Together we have established a fully transparent production process through the implementation of Integrated Smart Manufacturing (ISM). A real gamechanger for us and our customers! 

Transparency in the production process is essential

As an all-in-one Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and System Integrator for gas and fluid transportation systems, we create reliable and flexible solutions to enable the connection of advanced machines in any industry and application. We do this by designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing and validating tailor-made durable stainless steel hoses and artery systems (think: bellows, expansion joints and compensators) that bring machinery to life in the high tech, health tech and aerospace world.

Rens Konings, Manager of Business Process Innovation at CoreDux: “Our MES system was outdated and no longer suited our change-orientated way of working. This is why we started looking for a new system… a system that could effectively support production managers and employees in their result-orientated work. One that could enable them to maintain a good overview and also let them know whether they are achieving the desired results. A system that could deliver reliable data to ensure employees were able to make adjustments as well as use a dashboard to discuss and learn from each other”.

Modernized shop floor management syste

Two important criteria formed the starting point in the selection process. The solution had to be quick to implement and it had to be able to meet our specific requirements at CoreDux.

Following Quinso’s advice, we opted for Integrated Smart Manufacturing (ISM). ISM is an integrated end-to-end shop floor solution based on SAP’s Manufacturing Integration intelligence (MII). This solution establishes a direct connection between machines on the shop floor and the operational SAP ERP system. Furthermore, it enables real-time reporting. Quinso developed ISM especially for the manufacturing industry, based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

An additional reason why we chose this software was because ISM creates a solid connection between the shop and top floor (ERP).

Implementation through partnership

Rens Konings: “The contact with Quinso felt sincere and familiar right from the start. CoreDux and Quinso share a similar hands-on culture and it was very apparent that Quinso was looking for – and delivering – the best solution for us”.

The ISM implementation began at our manufacturing plant in the Netherlands, and later at our facilitie in France. To ensure a fast and smooth implementation, CoreDux and Quinso formed a dedicated team of experts to fully focus on this project. CoreDux mainly focused on change management. Involving stakeholders and users in the development and the commissioning of the system, and the changes in work as a result of the new system.

Quinso drew up the implementation plan and guided the entire process. Including the installation and commissioning of the software, as well as the SAP ECC integration.

The project started with the installation of SAP MII. The specific requirements were then determined through workshops: what do we currently have and what would we ideally like in the future? Priorities were set via the MoSCoW method, which is a way of prioritizing in software engineering. The requirements were classified according to: ‘must haves, should haves, could haves and won’t haves’. The development process started on the basis of these requirements and priorities using the SCRUM method. Working software was delivered in short sprints that could be tested, evaluated and adjusted immediately. This meant we did not have to wait till the end of the project to view and try the software and ensured the production process was being developed exactly to our wishes. This method also enabled us to have continuous insight into the progress. After the implementation of all the requirements in the software system, extensive testing was carried out until the system was ready to go live!

Karin Lokers, Senior SAP Consultant: “In a short time, a significant number of functionalities were delivered to make CoreDux’s system a lot more user-friendly. Quinso’s added value lies mainly in being able to think along with a client, focusing on their specific situation and ensuring the result is the best it can possibly be”.

Would you like to know more about the factors that contributed to the realization of this fast and virtually flawless implementation? Then read this blog which was written by Quinso in collaboration with CoreDux.

Ready for growth in 3 months

With the implementation of ISM, we are ready for our planned growth and are now able to continue to meet the needs and wishes of our international customers in the future. In just three months, we have switched to a completely new and modern shop floor management system. This was only possible with the help of Quinso.

Rens Konings, Manager Business Process Innovation at CoreDux: “This success is mainly due to the mutual trust between CoreDux and Quinso. Together we have succeeded in realizing an incredible implementation in a very short amount of time!”.

For more information about this collaboration between CoreDux and Quinso visit the LinkedIn page of Quinso. Get inspired like us!

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