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As you are a close and important contact to us, we have something very exciting we want to share with you. It’s an exclusive sneak preview of our new corporate video:

CoreDux – Pathfinding Artery Solutions. Featuring never seen before footage.

We always say that we make the impossible possible by solving any mission-critical challenge. Well we have also managed to do the impossible and sum up the sophisticated and groundbreaking work that we do in just 2 minutes! Click on the link and get inspired.

Get to know us in just 2 minutes!

With our heritage going back 115 years and clients all over the world, we are the go-to experts for flexible hose solutions. We are uniquely an all-in-one Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and System Integrator. Designing, engineering, manufacturing, cleaning and validating our own custom-made stainless steel and plastic hoses and high precision bellows to create the finest flexible and rigid piping systems for the ultra-safe transportation of gas and fluid. Aka: the vital arteries that bring your machinery to life!

This video will let you take a peak behind-the-scenes at our cutting-edge facilities and see how we are re-writing the future of engineering. See how we are solving mission-critical challenges in the Semicon, aeronautics and high-demanding critical gas world. Find out how we can support your business.

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