At the beginning of 2019, we founded the CoreDux® Academy to share our knowledge and expertise in the design, production and validation of intricate hose and piping systems. An opportunity for all our customers, suppliers and other relations to gain valuable insight into the niche market of fluid, gas and vacuum transportation technology.

Under normal circumstances, our masterclasses are held in our Centres of Excellence in the Netherlands and France, or in-house at our customers. However, due to the outbreak of Corona, we have had to think-outside-the-box and come up with a new way of delivering masterclasses remotely. We are now excited to announce that we have innovatively developed our first online distance learning masterclass at the request of an international engineering company specialized in engineering and project management. Our very first so-called ‘tele masterclass’ will be held at the end of July for approximately 20 participants.

Eric Reijven enthuses about this new way of learning, “This is the first time we will give a masterclass in this way. It’s exciting that it is immediately for such a large group of professionals. It does require a lot of extra preparation for us, but we are keen to involve the client from the start so they can indicate in advance what subjects need to be included in the masterclass. This is how we will ensure the content is relevant and exactly what the client needs”.

Are you interested in a Corona-proof masterclass? Please contact us here.

Would you like to find out more about the CoreDux® Academy? Read about it here.

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