The TU/e contest is an initiative of TU/e innovation Space. It is a contest for entrepreneurial engineers with international ambitions. As a contestant you are standing on the shoulders of the innovation Space network. You get to know successful entrepreneurs and leading international companies that will help you on your way from dream to demo to world market.

In a 4TU context, the format of the TU/e Contest will be used in 2020 to organize similar competitions at all 4 technical universities (TU Delft, University of Twente, WUR, TU/e). The entries of these competitions have the chance to compete in Q4 of 2020 in the ‘Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge’. More information about this challenge can be read in February via our website and social media channels.
This is the first year CoreDux® is participating in the TU/e Contest.

CoreDux® provides support to the TU/e students in the field of ‘gas and fluid transportation’ in their experimental designs.

CoreDux is supporting knowledge exchange and in depth partnerships with Engineers for a long time, hence our CoreDux® Academy were we support and educate our business partners in our field of expertise of ‘gas and fluid’ layout transportation systems.
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