Pressure Drop

Whatever fluid or gas you need to transport, it is imperative you get the right pressure drop.

What is the pressure drop when I install it in my system?

Pressure drop is a particular challenge for industries working with highly sensitive applications. Whether it involves cooling systems for semi-conductor machines, cabin heating systems for small aircraft or helicopters, bypass systems in district heating lines when maintenance is carried out or ensuring safety systems are not triggered when filling bottles in the industrial gas industry. Whatever fluid or gas you need to transport, it is imperative you get the right pressure drop.

“Can you help me calculate the pressure drop that the hose will generate when I install it in my system?”, “will the pressure drop generated be above a certain value?”, “what sort of flow parameters should I have to not exceed a given pressure drop in my system?”. We thrive on these types of questions from clients. Eagerly answering yes and knowing the answer is what gets our hearts racing.

At CoreDux, we custom-design, engineer and manufacture highly flexible metal hoses and artery systems that will solve any pressure drop challenge. As experts in this field, we know which factors to take into account – fluid velocity, fluid viscosity, pipe layout and the pipe convolutions.

We have the right solution for piping systems with a very high fluid velocity to very low-pressure applications where any pressure drop needs to be closely monitored.

How? We have developed our own sophisticated software to simulate pressure drop for both our parallel and helical hoses. An advanced system whose precision is above and beyond our competitors. It simulates specific design conditions and provides a detailed calculation for the hose assembly which includes changes in geometry and different routing.

The benefits for you? collaborating with an expert who will enter into a real engineering discussion with you to determine the best possible design for your system. Feel assured that we are a reliable, flexible and integral engineering and manufacturing partner you can rely on. We have the facts to prove your design will work and have the engineering skills to make it happen.

How can we help you?

Use our knowledge or talk to our experienced engineering experts and find the right solution to the minefield of complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. In the comfort of knowing we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company in the world that can solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges in one single go. Designing, manufacturing and assembling everything in-house with no third parties involved.


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