As of 16th September 2019, CoreDux is the new name of a newly established independent company consisting of BOA Nederland B.V. and BOA Flexible Solutions S.A.S. The newly independent CoreDux will have an even stronger focus and dedication to serving its clients with precision engineering solutions and innovations for its hoses and subsystems applications. Current business will operate as usual. For more information see:

BOA Nederland B.V. based in Tilburg, the Netherlands and BOA Flexible Solutions S.A.S. based in Chateau-Thierry, France are leaving the BOA Group and joining forces to become an independent company whose full focus will be on designing and manufacturing gas and fluid layout systems across a number of industries including semiconductors, aerospace and health tech. This move will enable the company to drive more innovation and increase its strategic focus to meet and exceed its customers’ most pressing technological demands.

The French division focuses on designing and manufacturing metallic flexible hoses mainly used to transport fluids and gases in high-temperature and high-vibration environments for aeronautics, space, e-mobility and other demanding industries. The Dutch division produces ultra-purified hoses and systems that are primarily used across the high-tech and health-tech industries.

The new company will continue to be led by Jan Hennipman as CEO. Simon Bambach, the former CEO of VDL-ETG amongst others, will join the company as Non-Executive Chairman. This step to become an independent focused high-tech solutions provider is enabled by Silverfleet Capital, a leading European investment fund. Silverfleet is well-known for its experience in the manufacturing sector and for supporting incremental growth with the companies it invests in.

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