We are pleased to announce that Arcline Investment Management (US private equity fund) has undertaken to acquire CoreDux group.

Silverfleet’s investment and strategic guidance has helped us successfully transition CoreDux to focus on the most attractive end markets with a business model based on customer intimacy and vertically integrated supply to OEMs.

We now look forward to a bright future with Arcline as we embark on the next stage of our growth! The strategy of the CoreDux group remains unchanged!

In the continuation of what started with Silverfleet, The partnership with Arcline will allow us to accelerate our growth in the American market, taking advantage of their network and their expertise in the hydrogen, aerospace and semiconductor sectors. Their robustness and philosophy will also allow us to finance our growth by modernising and developing our company.

Please find attached the link to the Arcline Press release. https://arcline.com/news/

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