Vacuum hose and pipe systems

For any level of vacuum purity

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Why vacuum?

Some machinery are operating at pressures below atmospheric, under vacuum. The main reason for vacuum systems is the ability to lower operating temperatures. Our experts can design, engineer and manufacturer custom-made pressure hoses for vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum. These vacuum systems can transport gases safely and efficiently. You can think of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen or helium.

Different solutions

You need a long lifetime cycle on your product? We will deliver it. You need advanced testing? We will make it happen. You need specific validation and certification? We will work to any requirements you desire. With over 100 years of experience, our expert engineers will design and manufacture an vacuum system to your exact needs. We can design different hoses for your machinery, think of:

  • Vacuum pipes
  • Flexible vacuum tubing
  • Vacuum jacketed hose
  • Vacuum insulated pipes
  • Vacuum line tubing


Whatever your challenge, we will engineer a hose to your specific requirements. Always taking into account frequencies, pulsations and movements. We love creating the arteries that bring your machinery to life.