Leak tightness

Keeping it airtight is a main priority for any liquid or gas you need to transport.

– Leak tightness is a challenge for many industries and is a priority for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of any gas and liquids.

– CoreDux custom designs, engineers, and manufactures highly flexible metal hoses and artery systems with a complete hermetic barrier between the inside and outside to ensure leak tightness.

– We have a wide range on leak testing methods and can test to any required standard.

Your challenges engineered to precision

Whether it’s operating the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider, transporting HP gases in fundamental research laboratories, providing helium-fill hoses for MRI machinery, or limiting evaporation in production for industrial gas manufacturers. Airtight transportation is vital. “I need lines with a specific degree of leak-tightness. Can you help?”. No problem; we can custom-make flexible metal hoses to your exact requirements. “I’m looking for a high vacuum solution. Do you have a connecting part that can do the job?”. Absolutely! We have high-vacuum hoses preventing any leaks or permeation.

Meticulously precise welding

Do you want your equipment to work effectively with minimum downtime? You’ve come to the right place. Due to our meticulously precise welding capabilities, we ensure that any medium stays securely inside without any molecules entering the external environment.

Designing feasible solutions

With years of experience and know-how, we can help you devise a feasible solution. We also know that the challenge of leak tightness comes with other issues, such as relative movement and vibration. Furthermore, we have the finest leak test equipment to test to any required standard. Helium leak test, hydrogen leak test, vacuum chamber test, hydrostatic test: you name it, we have it. We can guarantee an outstanding end result with the added value of low-energy welding.

How can we help you?

Talk with our experienced engineering experts and find the right solutions to the complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. Rest assured, we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company worldwide that can simultaneously solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges. We design, manufacture, and assemble everything in-house without third parties involved.

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