High pressure air pipe systems

Contains high pressure hoses for multiple tubing systems

The world of high pressure air pipe systems is as varied as the number of industries CoreDux is working in. We understand that there’s no universal design for any purification system. Every high-end machinery which transports gas and fluids needs custom-made high pressure hoses for optimal purity. We are able to engineer and manufacture air pipe systems to any level of purification. All these systems contains high pressure tubing. But which one do you need? It really depends on your machinery or application and how clean it needs to be. Our experts will know exactly what you need. Contact us and we will assist you in the engineering and manufacturing of tailored high pressure systems.

Why high pressure tubing systems?

Some machinery are operating with high pressures. When a high pressure tubing systems is not well designed, you might risk higher energy costs, failure of your machinery, production effiencies declines and more maintenance may be required. The engineers of CoreDux understands the need of outstanding high pressure air pipe systems.

Different solutions

You need a long lifetime cycle on your product? We will deliver it. You need advanced testing? We will make it happen. You need specific validation and certification? We will work to any requirements you desire. With over 100 years of experience, our expert engineers will design and manufacture a high pressure air system to your exact needs. We can design different hoses for your machinery.

More information about our high pressure hoses

Find more information about our solutions for your high pressure systems on our website. Check our different solutions below.

Whatever your challenge, we will engineer a hose to your specific requirements. Always taking into account frequencies, pulsations and movements. We love creating the arteries that bring your machinery to life.

Contact us for more information

Do you want to receive more information about our high pressure air systems? The partnerships with our customers are built on transparency, a strong project methodology and a desire to push the limits above and beyond the norm. This is how we create ground-breaking robust and validated solutions that never fail. Visit our CoreDux® Engineer Hub and talk with our experts! We are happy to get in touch with you.

The next generation Super Flexible Hybrid® hose

At CoreDux, we love cutting-edge new technology. It’s what we live for. We especially love it when we get to work with clients on ground-breaking new projects and solve their most complex challenges that no one else can. Our latest venture is no different.

Read more about our new hybrid flexible hose by downloading the official Product Release.

Would you like to see our new hybrid flexible hose in action? Then follow CoreDux and we will be the first to tell you about how this story ends when the semicon application goes live in 2022. In the meantime, if you have a similar challenge, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you create the arteries that will bring your machinery to life.

Downloads pertaining to ultra high pressure hoses

Download HP-THP-XHP braided hose series

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