At CoreDux®, our journey begins within the rooms of our Research and Development (R&D) center. Here, creativity thrives, ideas take flight, and precision is honed.

  • Whether it’s creating hoses for semiconductor fabs, aerospace applications, or energy grids, our R&D team dives deep. They understand the nuances of each domain, speaking the language of precision.

Our In-House Capabilities

Own R&D Centre: Pioneering Innovation Through Our R&D Center

  • Imagine a room bathed in soft light, where our engineers huddle around whiteboards, sketching the future. CoreDux’s R&D center pulses with creativity. Here, we birth ideas, nurture them, and watch them evolve into robust solutions.
  • CoreDux’s R&D center is more than a physical space—it’s a mindset. It’s where we push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and dream big. We explore novel materials, test unconventional geometries, and seek elegant solutions.
  • Our engineers don’t merely crunch numbers; they breathe life into our hoses, it’s connectors, and a wide variety of fitting solutions.

Type Testing: The Crucible of Truth

  • CoreDux conducts type testing, subjecting our creations to heat and cold, extreme pressures and deep integral vacuum. We simulate the harshest environments—temperatures that make steel shiver and extreme pressures that defy reason.
  • Why? To validate our designs, of course! CoreDux doesn’t gamble; we stack the deck in our favor.

Industry-Specific Wisdom

  • CoreDux isn’t a once size fits all (industries); we master the art of our hose designs (our OEM IP portfolio). Our industry-specific knowledge is a secret elixir. Whether it’s semiconductors, energy transportation, or interstellar probes, we speak the language of each of our customers domains.
  • Our hoses don’t merely transport fluids and gasses; they facilitate the medium flowing through the vains of our customers machines, ‘we create the arteries that bring their machinery to life’.

Custom Tests: Tailoring Reality

  • Picture this: a CoreDux engineer, sitting in peace, thinking about a test that simulates the customers application to the detail. How to ensure the hose will last as long as needed, within customer application, ‘First time right’ ensuring the most optimum ‘time to market’ as possible.
  • Extreme temperatures? CoreDux simulates a solar flare. Chemical compatibility? We simulate with an chemical formula to test the chemical resistance. Our hoses emerge battle-tested.

Our Customer Challenges

Our Customer Challenges

  • Customers often come to us with groundbreaking ideas. CoreDux takes these concepts and transforms them into reality. Our type testing validates these proofs of concept, ensuring they withstand the rigors of the real world.
  • Engineers make assumptions during the design phase. CoreDux’s type testing serves as a reality check. Does the hose perform as expected? Does it meet safety standards?

Validating Design Assumptions

At CoreDux, we don’t just manufacture hoses; we compose parts of reliability. Our capabilities harmonize with the challenges faced by our customers, ensuring that precision flows seamlessly through every connection.

For more insights, you can download our Semiconductor Challenges versus Capabilities document.

  • Data flows in—temperature readings, stress analyses, flow rates. Engineers scrutinize every number. Does it match assumptions? Or does it defy them?
  • Sometimes, data whispers, “Your assumptions were spot-on.” Other times, it roars, “Back to the drawing board!”

When the hose withstands all tests, the engineers smile. Their assumptions held up. But it’s not a victory parade; it’s a silent nod. They know reliability isn’t a one-time achievement.

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