Vacuum insulated pipe

Jacketed piping for your machinery

Do you need a vacuum insulated pipe in order to transport liquid gasses? CoreDux is an Original Design Manufacturer specializing in the design and production of metal hoses and the manufacturing of crucial artery systems for the transportation of gas and fluid. We are the only company that can fulfil all your needs in vacuum insualted tubing. We do R&D, engineering, production, sales and validation. We know what your macheriny needs. That’s makes us the vital component you can’t live without. We are able to engineer and manufacture different vacuum jacketed pipes, matching to your needs. This is depending on your situation and how clean it needs to be. Our experts will assist you further when you are in need of vacuum insulated pipes. Contact us directly.

Vacuum insulated tubing

Vacuum insulated tubing is used to transfer supercooled gasses in liquid form. Think of liquid oxygen, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. These gasses must be kept cold during the transportion. Vacuum jacketed pipes are efficient at keeping the cold temperatures when transportation is needed within your machinery. When the temperature is higher the liquid will become gaseous and eventually leak out. The jacketed hose minimize this heat leak. Our engineers understand the needs of vacuum insulated piping.

Vacuum jacketed pipe

A vacuum jacketed pipe contains a inner and an outer stainless steel pipe. That’s why it’s called jacketed. The inner pipe transports the liquid gasses and it’s sealed with multiple layers of insulation. This keeps the temparatures within the inner pipe and prevent any heat leaks. The design of each vacuum jacketed pipe and system is very specific to the current situation. The pipes are provided in vacuum sealed sections to create a continuous piping system that is efficient and unique. That’s why we design, manufacture and engineer the vacuum jacketed pipes into your machinery.


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