Plastic hoses


We look at your situation and help advise you on which plastic hose you need.

If you are looking for a plastic hose for the safe and efficient transportation of fluid, then we can help you. At CoreDux, we design, engineer and manufacture components and artery systems for machinery and applications in high demanding industries.

We look at your situation

and advise you

Our expert engineering team works regularly with clients around the world to create solutions for the high tech and health tech industries. We look at your situation and help advise you on which plastic hose you need, whether its PTFE, THV, PUR or PFA. If you need a high-quality plastic hose to transport fluids in cooling units of a machine in the semicon world, then we have it covered. If you need a high-standard plastic hose for MRI machines, dialysis or blood transfer machines, then we know exactly what you need.

It is always important to consider the environment when choosing the right plastic hose for your machine or application. If it is too cold or too hot, it could lead to a bad life expectancy. It really depends on which medium you need to transport. Of course, if you need to transport gas, then our flexible metal hoses are the perfect option, as they are just as lightweight as plastic hoses. At CoreDux we are experts in plastic and metal hoses so we can help you make the right decision and custom-make a component to your exact needs. That’s why you come to us – we will turn your vision into reality. We won’t let you down.

At CoreDux, we are able to perform any type of testing. From leak tight testing to decay testing on plastic hoses. Of course, ensuring you have the validation and certification to your exact requirements. Whatever you need, speak to one of our experts and we will advise and support you in choosing the right plastic hose to bring your machinery to life. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, we will always find the right solution for you now and in the future.

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Use our knowledge or talk to our experienced engineering experts and find the right solution to the minefield of complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. In the comfort of knowing we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company in the world that can solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges in one single go. Designing, manufacturing and assembling everything in-house with no third parties involved.


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