First-rate high purity systems

High purity piping systems for industries where failure is not an option

Every day we design, engineer and manufacture ultra high purity systems (UHP) for clients in the semicon, satellite and scientific world. These clients need the cleanest systems to ensure their machinery and applications are guaranteed to work 100%. High purity piping systems are crucial for these industries where failure is not an option.

A purity system enables a pure medium to travel from A to B. This can be a number of high purity gases – whether its ultra-high purity hydrogen, ultra-high purity nitrogen or ultra-high purity oxygen. We build steering systems on satellites using vacuum, helium or cryogenics or engineer a high purity gas system for cooling in a semicon system. We even develop ultra-high vacuum in lasers or cooling lines in freeze dryers. Whatever the case may be, we have it covered. We rise to any challenge to find a flexible stainless steel metal hose solution that is able to adapt to changing vacuum or pressure of a fluid.

Purity system challenge

At CoreDux, we manufacture high purity systems to a certain level of cleanliness. From purity, high purity, ultra-high purity and ultra-high vacuum – with the last two often going hand in hand.
For most high purity piping fluid systems, we recommend our hybrid hose because of the laminar flow. The ‘smooth plastic’ inner-liner and perfect welding connection, with its stainless steel outer hose makes this ideally suitable fluid transport in for (deep) vacuum. This is very popular in the semicon industry because it has stainless steel on the outside for protection, smooth on the inside to stop turbulence and is extremely effective at damping vibrations. Whatever your challenge is, we will custom a high purity system to your specific requirements. Taking into account frequencies, pulsations and movements.

Our high purity stainless steel tubing guarantees no dirt, no grease, no oil, no stains – in fact, no particles whatsoever. Flexible solutions guaranteeing no permeation and leakage. We’re talking not just clean, but really clean (clean on a molecular level). That is why you come to us. We have the facilities, testing, cleanliness validation in our ultra-modern clean rooms to guarantee high purity systems that work every time. This is how we assure our customers that there will be no disturbances, damages or failure to their machinery or application. At CoreDux, our mission is to build trustworthy relationships with our customers and reach mutually agreed goals. Pushing the limits and not stopping until we find a solid and validated brand-new solution that will transform the way you work for good.

You need a certain lifetime cycle on your product? We will deliver it. You need a certain type of high purity testing? We will make it happen. You need specific product of cleanliness validation and -certification? We will do whatever you require. With over 100 years of experience, our expert engineers will design and manufacture a first-rate high purity system to your exact needs. We love creating the arteries that will bring your machinery to life.

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