The coolest cryogenic pipeline system

For mission critical cryogenic transportation and processes

The challenge with cryogenic pipeline systems is to engineer the correct coupling and welding, needed to guarantee a cryogenic system that works every time.

With over 100 years of experience, CoreDux engineers have expert knowledge and expertise to design, engineer and manufacture any cryogenic pipeline system you need. For all industries including gas, food and high tech to name but a few. The challenge for us is to engineer the correct coupling and welding needed to guarantee a cryogenic system fully works. Creating the best cryogenic pipeline systems that will bring your machinery to life.

-273 Degrees?

No problem!

For clients in the gas industry, we engineer and manufacture the finest cryogenic pipeline systems for LNG tankers. For this ultra-cold medium of liquid nitrogen, we mainly use our robust ‘Duo hose’. This ensures the safe and efficient transportation between tankers, ships and refineries. We also work with clients in the food industry who specialise in freeze dryers and big cooling cells. We use R-22 cooling medium in all pipelines which guarantees the flexibility for expansion and reduction with a range from 20 degrees to -273 degrees – no problem. We understand the risks and responsibilities associated with the market. That’s why you choose CoreDux as a company you can trust and rely on.

We regularly get asked, “do you have experience in cryogenics?”, “how do you calculate a hose for liquid nitrogen piping?” or “how can you assure the lifeline of the cryogenic plant application?”. We love to give the correct answer and share our knowledge! We make it our mission to understand your process and your current challenge. If you need a cryogenic transfer hose that is flexible to movement, changes of temperature and able to withstand freezing cold and still adapt to warm temperatures when turned off, our stainless steel ‘Duo hose’ is a perfect solution. It is capable of over 100 bars – ideal for cryogenic transfer lines, cryogenic transport or cryogenic processes. Just like our customers, we crave to push the limits and create ground-breaking solutions that have never existed before. This is why you choose CoreDux. We will always exceed your expectations.

When it comes to cryogenic pipeline systems, we understand that the most essential thing is to guarantee no moisture, no water, no liquids. In fact, no disturbances whatsoever. But what is so special about CoreDux cryogenic pipeline systems? At CoreDux we clean, we vacuum, we measure if there is still moisture inside and if this is the case then we put pure helium gas inside the hose using the right pressure. That’s how we guarantee your cryogenic system will work 100% every time.

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