Experts in Advanced Fluid Systems

Always trying to push the limit in development

CoreDux are experts in advanced fluid systems. Always trying to push the limit in the development of a new product or finding a feasible solution for a complicated system or requirement. Whatever the case may be, our engineers are the go-to experts for any advanced piping design.

You need a hose to work in temperatures outside the norm? Absolutely, we do this all the time. You have limited space? No problem. You have not found a company that can solve your advanced fluid system challenge yet? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We are proud that we have never let a customer down so far! We will always find an answer to your most advanced fluid system challenge. Bring us onto your project at an early stage and utilise our extensive knowledge and expertise. This is how we will help create the vital arteries that will bring your machinery to life.


Advanced fluid systems

for every challenge

Our advanced product engineering teams are keen to help you with any complex challenge you may have with advance fluid systems. Relative movement, vibration, purification, changes in temperature, vacuum compatibility, pressure resistance, torsion – you name it, we can come up with the answer to solve all these challenges in any complicated situation. No matter how complex, we have over 100 years of experience and expertise to develop the most critical advanced fluid systems for any industry in the world.

We work with clients in various industries including semicon, aerospace and health tech to name a few. Engineering flexible hybrid solutions in chips as a damping element and developing advanced piping design in medical equipment like MRI machines to guarantee purity and complete leak-tightness. In aerospace, we deal with the most complicated requirements in space shuttles and satellites. Including advanced fluid systems that handle low temperatures of -200 degrees when transporting highly flammable fluid to hydrogen tanks for a space shuttle launch. Just like our clients, we love to push the bounderies.

At CoreDux, we design, engineer and manufacture flexible advanced fluid systems fully in-house at our facilities in the Netherlands and France. Of course, not forgetting, testing and validating to any quality and requirements our clients require. We love to challenge ourselves and engineer the best advanced piping design of this time. Whatever project you are working on, we have the know-how to help make it happen. Our advanced project engineers are available for consultation, validation and prototypes or even better, get involved in your project right from the offset. As we know exactly what advanced fluid systems you need. Let us help you today. We guarantee the start of a trustworthy and transparent partnership that will change the way you work forever.

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Use our knowledge or talk to our experienced engineering experts and find the right solution to the minefield of complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. In the comfort of knowing we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company in the world that can solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges in one single go. Designing, manufacturing and assembling everything in-house with no third parties involved.


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