Artery Systems & Layouts

The connecting life-line bringing your machinery to life

We are the experts when it comes to connecting your machines with smart artery systems. For every client and every project, we innovatively customize our metal hoses and components to create flexible artery systems that bring your machinery to life. Whatever your industry or application, we will build a system that fits your needs. High pressure, high purity, industrial vacuum, cryogenic piping – we have a system that is guaranteed to work.

As a System Integrator with over 100 years’ experience and insightfulness, we guarantee you the best industrial piping systems or gas pipeline systems on the market. Our in-depth knowledge of metal hoses and artery systems means you get the right product with the right results. We can intricately integrate these systems to a standard or customize them to our clients’ exact needs. Whatever you need, we have the knowledge, capabilities and facilities to get the job done. All in-house to guarantee optimal quality and efficiency. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Why are we the experts? It’s a combination of communication and expertise. We know which questions to ask and know how to interpret the answers. We then apply this knowledge with our advanced calculation and simulation software to rise to any challenge. Even if this, for example, means finding a solution to weld inside a clean room for a client in the semiconductor industry. This is how we make the impossible, possible.

After listening, observing and analyzing the challenge, we work together with our client to find a feasible solution. The secret lies in the customization. Whether it’s saving space, solving a logical challenge, a question of cost or a guarantee of quality – we will find the solution. We guarantee the best results through our meticulous testing and validation processes. If necessary, we will develop a new type of testing equipment to fulfil your needs.

CoreDux does everything in-house – designing, engineering, manufacturing customized components, integrating systems, testing and validation. We are the ultimate one-stop-shop to guarantee the whole process goes smoothly. We save you time and costs, whilst ensuring the highest of quality. On top of that, we can do double validation, which means we can test and validate both the components and systems at once. This is why you come to us.

We are the go-to people when you need an expert manufacturing and engineering company to integrate a new system. Always thinking out-of-box and developing unique ideas. Repeatedly finding the right solution. We are the best in the business. We are CoreDux.

Advanced Liquid Systems

Do you need an advanced liquid system? CoreDux are experts in advanced liquid systems. Always trying to push the limit in the development of a new product or finding a feasible solution for a complicated system or requirement. Whatever the case may be, our engineers are the go-to experts for any advanced piping design.

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High purity systems

Every day we design, engineer and manufacture ultra-high purity systems (UHP) for clients in the semicon, satellite and scientific world. These clients need the cleanest systems to ensure their machinery and applications are guaranteed to work 100%. High purity piping systems are crucial for these industries where failure is not an option.

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Cryogenic pipeline systems

CoreDux engineers have expert knowledge and expertise to design, engineer and manufacture the coolest cryogenic pipeline systems for mission-critical cryogenic transportation and processes. The challenge with these systems is to engineer the correct coupling and welding, needed to guarantee a cryogenic system that works every time.

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How can we help you?

Use our knowledge or talk to our experienced engineering experts and find the right solution to the minefield of complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. In the comfort of knowing we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company in the world that can solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges in one single go. Designing, manufacturing and assembling everything in-house with no third parties involved.


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