Last September, CoreDux Group (‘’CoreDux’’), known for its flexible flow control system for the semiconductor, energy, and aerospace markets, announced its acquisition of San Diego based Pyramid Precision Machine LLC. (“Pyramid”). Pyramid manufactures precision parts for semiconductor, aerospace, power, defense, and government clients. After a successful integration, Pyramid will now continue operations as CoreDux USA LLC.

Global presence
CoreDux’s global customers are expanding their operations worldwide and the company aims to follow this growth. CoreDux, primarily active in Europe, wanted to expand its presence in the US. Acquiring Pyramid supports this strategy. Both CoreDux and Pyramid teams worked intensively on the integration plan and the name change to CoreDux USA LLC signals the completion of phase one of integration.

Leveraging synergies
By leveraging synergies and learning from the capabilities Pyramid built over the years, CoreDux widens its portfolio with high-complexity and close tolerance precision components and services and is capable of serving customers more effectively across continents. At the same time, Pyramid will build on the key capabilities of the CoreDux Group, focusing on customer solutions and ongoing business growth.

Joint value
CoreDux CFO Lodewijk Lockefeer just got back from a visit to CoreDux USA’s San Diego headquarters: ‘’We acquired Pyramid just a little over six months ago, and up to now, we’ve been busy integrating Pyramid into our CoreDux world, getting to know each other better, whilst at the same time working on executing our plans to create value together. Our integration philosophy is to learn from both sides and we’re extremely proud on all the people at Pyramid and CoreDux, how we’ve managed this transition to CoreDux USA together.’’

About CoreDux
CoreDux is an all-in-one original design manufacturer and system integrator for gas, liquids and vacuum transportation. The company creates flexible hoses and components that are used in the most demanding high-tech applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, and new energy. For more information, please visit

About CoreDux USA
For over 30 years, Pyramid has served the semiconductor, aerospace and new energy industries with high-complexity and close tolerance precision components and services with a best-in-class team. Moving forward, the company will be known as CoreDux USA, keeping its team and capabilities, but exchanging expertise within the wider Group. For more information, please visit

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