Heat resistant flexible hose

CoreDux® hoses are completely unique

Are you looking for an expert for heat resistant flexible hoses? At CoreDux®, we pride ourselves on not having a catalogue of products. This is because we make bespoke hoses and artery systems as a solution to any number of multiple challenges. As a well-trusted ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and System Integrator, everything we engineer and manufacture at CoreDux® is completely unique. Our experts will know exactly what you need. Contact us and we will assist you in the engineering and manufacturing of heat resistant hoses.

Why tailor made heat resistant hoses?

We design, engineer, manufacture, test and validate all our hoses and artery systems in-house at our facilities in the Netherlands and France. Custom-making to the precise needs of our clients. Each client, each situation, each requirement is different. We take on any complex challenge and engineer the best solution. We create the vital arteries that bring your machinery to life.

We have the following CoreDux hoses that we use as a starting point, which we then adapt to the needs of each client. For more information about these hoses, visit our download area. Do you want to talk with one of our experts, then visit our CoreDux® Engineer Hub!

Our heat resistant hoses

Also known as high temperature hoses

Annularly Corrugated Hoses


High-performance flexible stainless steel corrugated hoses for use in the most extreme environments (-273°C to 600°C). Available unbraided or with one or two highly compact braids. Mechanically or hydraulically formed. Used in liquids or gas requiring systems with high flexibility, high security and extended life time in extreme working conditions (frequent movements, vibration, pressure or vacuum). Used in: vacuum technology, cryogenics, petrochemical, nuclear.

Helically corrugated hoses

  • SUPRA®
  • DUO®
  • DUO® UHP

Flexible stainless steel helically corrugated hoses for use in extreme environments and dynamic working conditions. Resistance to corrosion, particularly pitting corrosion. Single-plied, resistance welded at the crest, cold formed. Used as pressure pipes for various applications where highest flexibility is demanded.

Non-metal hoses

  • Hybrid® (metal hose with inner-liner)
  • Carbon (black PTFE) with stainless steel braids
  • Carbon Cobra Hi-flex ((black PTFE highly flexible) with stainless steel braids

The Hybrid® is an annularly corrugated stainless steel hose with a PTFE inner liner. Vacuum and ultra-high purity compatibility. Withstands temperatures -70°C up to +260°C. Smooth bore for optimal backing capabilities, optimal laminal flow, minimum turbulences, minimum vibrations & noise. Stainless Steel outer hose to eliminate outgassing of plastic liner in vacuum chamber. Ideal for high cleanliness/purity environment.

Heat resistant flexible hoses for your artery systems

Of course, we are not just the manufacturer (O.D.M.) of these components, we can also engineer and produce these into an artery systems. Our assemblies can consist of a metal hose, with or without braid, with fittings, designed, manufactured and tested, either from our standard program or made to your specific requirements and ready for use. We are able to design and manufacture any kind of (hose) assembly, either with standard connection parts or with customer specific fittings. Whatever the challenge, we will create the essential arteries that will bring your machinery to life.

Do you want to receive more information about our heat resistant flexible hoses? Visit our CoreDux® Engineer Hub and talk with our engineering experts! We are happy to get in touch with you.

How can we help you?

Use our knowledge or talk to our experienced engineering experts and find the right solution to the minefield of complex challenges you face in gas and liquid transportation. In the comfort of knowing we are the only full-service ODM and B2P company in the world that can solve all your liquid and gas transportation challenges in one single go. Designing, manufacturing and assembling everything in-house with no third parties involved.


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