PYTHON® (PARNOR) non-braided hose series

Non-braided annular corrugated stainless steel hose

The non-braided PYTHON® hose series, formerly known as PARNOR, is manufactured from clean strip material by CoreDux. The stainless steel strip is made into a tube by cold-rolling and high quality continuous longitudinal welding. The highly consistent result is reached by the hydroforming process. This PYTHON® (PARNOR) hose series is the excellent choice for both transportation of ultra high purity gases and fluids, and for connecting vacuum spaces when flexibility is required. Even in extreme environments ranging from -273°C to 600°C. The aesthetically pleasing non-braided type is characterized by its smooth surface and omission of virtual leaks, making it very useful in ultra high purity and deep vacuum environments. Other common uses include serving as a protection layer against electromagnetic interference (i.e. Faraday cage), contamination of any kind.


PYTHON® (PARNOR) non-braided hose series for SEMICON

Are you a specialist working in the field of vacuum and need an engineering partner who can talk your language? That’s CoreDux®. As experts in ultra-high vacuum and purity solutions, we will collaborate with you to design and engineer customized stainless steel metal hoses, bellows and artery systems to suit your exact needs.

You may want to know, “can CoreDux® customized components to be used as a transport pipe inside our vacuum chamber?”, “Does your metal hose influence our vacuum application?”, “Are particulates generated in flexibles, since you apply them dynamic?” or “Can you calculate the reaction forces on the connection parts if there is a certain vacuum?”. If you are looking for a reliable partner who can answer these types of questions and deliver the right solution, then you have come to the right place. We deliver exactly what you need.

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