PARRAP® braided hose series

Braided stainless steel hose with pipe socket and hexagon

The braided PARRAP® hose series is manufactured from clean strip material by CoreDux. The stainless steel strip is made into a tube by cold-rolling and high quality continuous longitudinal welding. The highly consistent result is reached by the hydroforming process. This PARRAP® hose series is the excellent choice for both transportation of ultra high purity gases and fluids, and for connecting vacuum spaces when flexibility is required. The PARRAP® hose series is compressed for extra flexibility. Even in extreme environments ranging from -273°C to 600°C. The aesthetically pleasing braided type is characterized by its smooth surface and omission of virtual leaks, making it very useful in ultra high purity and deep vacuum environments. Other common uses include serving as a protection layer against electromagnetic interference (i.e. Faraday cage), contamination of any kind.

PARRAP® braided hose series for Health Tech Industry

At CoreDux, we regularly get asked by health tech and life science clients, “can you do a certain degree of cleanliness?”, “can you exclude humidity?” or “do you have the capacity to contain helium durably?”. The answer is always yes.

When you need to transport fluid and gas in the health technology world, we are your right-hand man, no matter your challenge. Whether it is leak-tightness, purification or misalignment, we can custom-make a robust metal hose or artery system to be used inside medical equipment or connect a number of health tech machines.

We work with clients to co-develop, engineer and manufacture highly flexible metal hoses for cooling down magnets in MRI machines, small helium-filled hoses for electron microscopes at universities and hospitals, as well as cryogenic lines for medical oxygen and medical research. Even keeping gas as airtight as it needs to be for long periods of time. You name it, we can do it.

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